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Keeping a strong roof over a family’s heads is an old saying we often hear, as though being a point of virtue. We understand this. We also understand that a well applied roofing system with a combination of proven material products gives a homeowner peace of mind for what is typically the largest investment they’ll make in a lifetime. We are strongly committed to our customer’s full satisfaction with our roofing services.

We apply superior roofing products that are aesthetically pleasing to the customer, but more importantly, offer years of durability and longevity. As CertainTeed Certified Shinglemaster applicators, we offer warranties for both our workmanship, along with extended/transferable warranties for the materials as well. Please see our Warranty page for more details, or give us a call with any questions.

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The Refined Way


As CertainTeed Shinglemaster applicators, we have been through rigorous training and testing so as to meet their standards of excellence in roof application. Upon consultation, we can fully address any questions or concerns you may have, and address what approach would be best for your particular project. While you’re here, here’s some facts about our approach that sets us aside from many of our competitors:

Hand Hammered Shingles

Our preferred method of application is the hand-hammered approach, rather than the use of nail guns. Hand hammering gives more assurance of a properly driven nail for several reasons. Air tanks that power nail guns are dependent upon proper calibration to ensure that nails are neither under or over-driven. Outside temperature fluctuations can affect such calibration. When considering that not all nailed surfaces on a roof are of the same depth, it can be difficult to be certain each nail head will lay snugly flush on top of the shingle surface when using nail guns. An under driven nail can result in eventual wear and tear of the shingle that rests on top of its protrusion, whereas an over-driven nail can result in a wasted nail in that it’s head has pierced the shingle surface to the extent that it has little, if any hold down grip. Hand hammering also ensures a more straight driven nail, versus the stronger likelihood of a crooked driven nail by gun. A verified hand hammered application will also bode more favorably in a potential future windstorm/hurricane claim, as it would be more difficult for an insurance representative to attribute pulled or broken fasteners (nails) to poor application.

Quality Equals Strength

We nail 6 nails per shingle, as opposed to some competitor’s 4 or 5. In coastal regions such as Galveston, 6 nails is code. Though not code in further north areas such as Houston, we still like to do it this way. We may pay more in labor and nails for this and hand hammering, but we and our customers both have better peace of mind come the next windstorm or hurricane.

Getting the job done right

We take our time with you. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t punctual and provide great service. We do that and more. It means we want you to not in any way feel rushed into making big decisions prematurely. Trust is key. We’ll do our best to take our time and earn that trust from you, before getting started. Not employing used car salesman tactics helps us do our job better, as it will better ensure your satisfaction as well.


We can provide a fully disclosed distributor’s invoice for your material order prior to getting started, so you may be satisfied of what all is being applied to your roof, as understood in the agreement.


We will readily provide a copy of our insurance. You may call our agent or the carrier for assurance of its validity.


If doing a repair, not a replacement, we will credit that repair expense to an eventual replacement up to $500.


We understand that a roof replacement is a large job, and can get messy in the process. Before beginning the work, we will take into consideration all customer’s concerns for protecting and preserving surrounding exterior items such as landscaping, swimming pools, rain gutters, among other items of concern. The post-application clean-up consists of a full property magnetic sweep for loose nails, and disposal of any loose debris. Your project manager will coordinate with you to walk the property together, so as to ensure your satisfaction with the end result. As a courtesy, and by your permission and request, the project manager can also enter your attic so as to observe that your exhaust pipes remain securely intact.

Project Scheduling and Job Length

We’ll take great care to schedule your job in a timeframe that is suitable to your preference. We are also keen to inclement weather forecasts and will take that into account before shipping material or beginning the job. A roof replacement is a noisy undertaking. Our best recommendation is that you plan an outing during it’s process. We tend to start bright and early and end around dusk. Most one story average jobs can be finished in a day, though we should be able to more accurately assess its length based on your own roof size and home dimensions.

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